Hej! Copenhagen


So many bikes, so much porridge, so very vegan friendly!

Copenhagen was a bookend stop to a trip to visit Vienna and Munich. Going into the trip I had high hopes because Copenhagen is considered one of the world’s greenest cities and it didn’t disappoint. Here are the highlights of  what I ate while in Copenhagen.


Gluten-free, Vegan, English Menu
Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner


Hope’s Vegan Deluxe Burger, Sweet Potato Fries and Juice

Fighting off the jet lag, my husband Carl and I chose Hope as our first food stop in Copenhagen simply because it was so close to Hotel SP34 where we were staying. The interior was relaxed, warm and cozy which was much appreciated since there had been a steady rain falling outside.

We both ended up ordering Hope’s Vegan Deluxe Burger with a side of sweet potato fries to share. Having been vegan now for 10 years, I’ve had my fair share of veggie burgers and rarely are they anything to remember. However, Hope’s Vegan Deluxe Burger easily falls in the top 5 veggie burgers I’ve ever eaten. It’s a fork and knife kind of burger with a beet based patty on a homemade gluten free bun with onions, avocado, tomato, spinach and sprouts topped with some delicious spicy hummus like sauce.

And the fries. The fries were so good, too good to share. Even though Hope offers vegan mayo for dipping you hardly need it because the fries had been grilled (grilled!?) and topped with large flakes of sea-salt sprinkled on top.

Copenhagen Street Food

Our next day in Copenhagen was a full day of sightseeing. First we took a canal boat tour around the city and afterwards wandered up to see the famous Little Mermaid statue and then went even further to see the lesser known Genetically Modified Little Mermaid statue. We grabbed a quick bite for lunch at the Copenhagen Street Food which is a large indoor market full of small food stalls.

There were a surprising number of vegan options here! Made In Italy offered vegan pizza by the slice and La Tienda offered Columbian vegetarian dishes. Other stalls also offered one or two vegetarian or vegan dishes and they were always clearly labeled. Unfortunately the jet lag had caught up to me so I couldn’t stomach any food or taking photos of food.


Vegan, English Menu Available
Serves dinner, reservations recommended


Eggplant “Pizza”, Cashew Cheese Stuffed Fennel, Creamy Mushroom Pasta, Chocolate Mousse

My appetite had finally returned by dinnertime and my husband and I decided to take a chance on Urten for dinner even though we didn’t have reservations. It was a Thursday evening and we went on the early side and had no trouble getting a table for two. The restaurant is a little hard to spot from the street but the entrance is through a door flanked with two chalkboards displaying the menu in Danish. Don’t worry, they have English versions of the menu available inside.

Again, the Copenhagen vegan restaurant scene did not disappoint. Everything we ordered at Urten was a delight. Their menu changes monthly and according to their website is posted to their Facebook page, but it doesn’t seem to be updated regularly. For dinner you have a choice of ordering two courses or three and we opted for three.

For the first course I ordered an Eggplant Pizza, which was a broiled slice of eggplant topped with cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, olives and a balsamic reduction. My husband ordered a cabbage salad which was a bit of a misstep because our entrees came with a very similar side salad. My main dish was fennel stuffed with a cashew based cheese with roasted carrots and a balsamic glaze. Carl ordered a creamy mushroom pasta dish.

The real star of the meal was the chocolate mousse I ordered for dessert. It was perfectly light and fluffy but also firm and solid in a way that is can be difficult to achieve with vegan mousse.


Vegetarian, English Menu Available
Breakfast & Brunch


Sweet Blueberry Chia Porridge on the left, “The All In” on the right.

I’m not sure I would have gone out of my way to stop by Grød in the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen but it had been recommended to my by a coworker saying that we couldn’t miss it. Carl and I found ourselves here after a disastrous bike ride in the rain. (Lesson learned: rent bikes through the city bike rental service or from your hotel in Copenhagen)

We had some time to kill before the hip art shops lining Jægersborggade opened up so we decided to stop in for some porridge. I had the Sweet Blueberry Chia Porridge made with vegan yogurt, which was served cold and had plum compote, peanutbutter, roasted
coconut flakes, banana, fresh blueberries and roasted almonds. Carl ordered the “All In” vegan which is their classic oat porridge with ALL the toppings.

The menu is clearly labeled with what is vegan or what can be made vegan and the staff there knew the nuances enough to even ask us about honey.

Cafe Ñ

Vegan, English Menu
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks


Vegan Brunch at Cafe Ñ

Copenhagen is a city that loves it brunch and we couldn’t leave without having a proper brunch somewhere. Enter Cafe Ñ.

I was still fairly full from my porridge at Grød but went all in and ordered the Vegan Brunch. Being a vegan millennial living in the Bay Area, I’m pretty hashtag-blessed when it comes to brunch and consider myself bit of a brunch connoisseur. (Please, please, please read the sarcasm into that last sentence if it’s not coming through.) Cafe Ñ has a solid brunch offering a plate full of goodness complete with a tofu omelet, hummus, tzatziki, croquettes, crispy tofu, seitan, tempeh, fruit, salad, avocado, yogurt and bread. A+ dish would brunch again in Copenhagen.



Serves Meat, English Menu
Street cart with veggie-dogs


Classic “Roasted Hot Dog” with a vegetarian (and vegan) sausage.

I’ll never pass up the opportunity for a veggie-dog. Døp doesn’t disappoint. First you choose the type of dog you want (veggie, duh). Then you choose how you want it and the toppings.


Bowl Market Copenhagen

Vegetarian, English Menu
Breakfast and brunch

Another day another brunch. This time at Bowl Market. I built my own porridge bowl topped with almonds, blueberries and coconut while Carl had the “That’s Nuts” acai bowl  with banana, dates, walnuts and peanut butter.


Upper left is a porridge bowl, upper right is an latte with Oatly, lower left is the sign outside Bowled advertising Oatly, lower right is the “That’s Nuts” acai bowl. 

Simple Raw

Vegan and Raw, English Menu
Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Bowls from Simply Raw

A cozy little basement eatery that’s mostly raw. On the left is the Middle Eastern Bowl, on the right is the Poke Bowl. Both were delicious and fresh.

Serves meat, English Menu
Lunch and dinner


The Wegan Salaten with a local Kombucha

Make your own salad or choose one off the menu. I opted for the “Wegan Salaten” which was protein packed with quinoa, chickpeas, tofu, root vegetables, pickled red onions, chili seasoned peanuts.

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