How To Travel While Vegan (Without Losing Your Mind or Going Hungry)

This beachfront restaurant in Mexico was down a dirt road and didn’t have a single thing on the menu (other than chips and guac). Luckily they didn’t mind that I brought a picnic lunch of soy curl tacos to nosh on while my coworkers enjoyed their seafood meals. 

Traveling is stressful. There’s no use in pretending that it’s not. There’s always something to contend with whether it’s unpredictable weather, flight delays, or simply the stress of being in a new place. When you’re vegan and traveling, you have the added stress of trying to figure out where and what to eat. How easy or difficult that will be depends on where you’re traveling. Major city? Probably not too difficult. French countryside? Good luck.

By nature, I’m a pretty anxious person and can find a way to worry about just about anything. When I’m traveling or about to go on a trip, I’m extra anxious. Over the years I’ve found ways to manage the anxiety that comes with being in an unfamiliar place and being vegan.

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